Ganadores del Concurso de Postales Navideñas.



Como siempre, nos lo habéis puesto muy difícil. Gracias por vuestra participación, seguid siempre intentándolo.  De parte del claustro de profesores:

¡Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año 2019 a todos!


Primer Premio: Y llegaron los 3 Reyes Magos.

Judith 2º A



Segundo Premio. Se acerca Papá Noel.

Alicia 2ºB



Tercer Premio. ¿Tienes montado el árbol?

María 1ºB







Excursión a Logroño

El día 13 de diciembre los alumnos del SIES Cervera del Río Alhama, acompañados de nuestros profesores, realizamos una salida a Logroño. Aunque a priori, no parecía un visita muy prometedora, no os podéis imaginar los que nos dio de sí.

Primero matemáticas y magia en la CASA DE LAS CIENCIAS.

¡¡¡Un poco de magia!!!

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¡¡¡Un poco de juego!!!

Y después el MUSEO WÜRTH a sumergirnos en el bosque.



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Y creamos.



El pasado 31 de octubre celebramos el día de Halloween con un concurso de relatos cortos terrorííííííficos. Quién sabe si ese día en Cervera nació para la literatura fantástica y de terror un nuevo Lovecraft, un nuevo Edgar Allan Poe o un nuevo Bradbury.


El Corsario de lord Byron y señora.


Un claustro muy animoso.


¡¡¡¡¡Terrorííííííficos!!!! Los relatos…


1ºB. Aprendices de Brujo.

3 º ESO Robinson Crusoe

This book is about the history of Robinson Crusoe created by Daniel Defoe.

The history begins with Robinson Crusoe, a child who dreams with being a sailor but his parents didn´t want to let Robinson, they want Robinson to be a lawyer.When he was 19 years old he did his first voyage. But he didn´t know anything of sea. After several trips, a big storm began while he was travelling. Robinson was shipwreck. Robinson lived for 27 years on a island until he rescued two English men, and the grateful captain saved his life and took Robinson to York, his native city.

I recommend this book because it´s a very interesting history which tells the life of a shipwreck and how to survive in this situation.


Made by Caio Medeiros

3º ESO Two Lives

The book tells the story of two teenagers who fall in love strongly . They live in a small village, its name is Tredonald. They are very happy although they suffer from several causes, for example: death, family…

The teenagers have been separated for a time, which was not good for them . At the end, Megan and Huw finished together . Huw wants to marry Megan, who answers “yes” to Huw. They are happy again and they have got a future together.

The book is interesting. I liked it a lot because it is very funny.

Sara Mateus Alves

The Mummy’s secret 1º ESO

This history tells a story of a Pharaho and a girl. The girl’s name is Katie. Katie’s uncle tells Katie:”It’s my secret cupboard. You can’t open it”. But Katie opens the cupboard, in the cupboard there is a mummy saying:”Come inside”. Katie comes inside and a guard of the Pharaho takes her to the Pharaho.The Pharaho takes Katie to the slaves.A man says that the Wise Sage wants to kill you and become the Pharaho. Katie misses her mother, father, little dog, teacher and friends. When Katie beats the Wise Sage, Katie can go home.

In my opinion,this book is very good, because it tells you about the history of Egypt.

Jesús, 1ºB


It tells the history of Tony and Billy. The day of back to school they have a new teacher, the teacher Mr. Brown. He is obssessed with Billy. Tony must be after school because he arrived late to school and saw that Mr. Brown was reading a newspaper of 1993 that says:

“Fire in the school, the teacher Mr. Brown and the student Billy Reed die.”

The next day in the school there is a fire and Billy was inside. Tony goes into the school and takes Billy out. The fire was caused by the caretaker, because he was a pupil of Mr. Brown and he had obssesion with him, then he started the fire in 1993 and when Mr. Brown returns he starts the fire again.

I liked this book so much. I recommend it to my schoolmates

Stories Of Courage. Ángela Diez , 3A.


Ana Fidela Quirot was born in a small town in the East of Cuba. She was a happy child and from an early age she loved running.

Ana was 10 years old and she could run very fast. She practiced hard every day. At 13 she had a place at a government sports school but Ana’s body was changing. Beato is her teacher , he is one of Cuba’s most famous running teachers. She was heavy, but she was strong and fast , Beato could see that.

Ana finished school and practiced harder and longer every day. In 1987 she won two gold metals at the Pan American Games, four years after she won double gol metals in Indiapolis too.

She felt proud of the past and excited about the future , but early the next year Ana’s dreams were destroyed before they started. She had bad burns covered 38% of Ana’s body and she was close to death. When she was recovered she started to run.


I like reading this type of books because there are some stories of courage although they had sad stories, the characters in the stories overcame them.